Cattle Handling & Stockmanship Services

If you are interested in learning more about stockmanship skills and low stress

handling, send me an email and let me know what you are looking for.


    I am available to speak about the changes we’ve made at our operation, utilizing my large library of videos to illustrate the basic techniques we use.  I talk about the mistakes that we made even when we thought we were doing a good job.  My goal is to supply producers with illustrations of the skills that can make handling cattle a positive process for both the handler and the cattle.  I can customize the presentation for large or small groups.  Minimum length of program starts at an hour and a half.    


    For a more in depth seminar, Dr. Tom Noffsinger is an expert at explaining the concepts of stockmanship and it’s importance from his years of experience as a cattle producer and feedlot veterinary consultant. 


    Please email me for more information or to schedule a seminar.  I am always interested in sponsors that are looking for a unique program.


    I am available to take a closer look at what your current situation is and what could be improved by incorporating stockmanship skills.


    Dr. Tom and his colleagues offer professional consulting that combines cattle handling and stockmanship skills to maximize cattle health and performance.  A large part of this is training the people who interact with the cattle on a daily basis.    They also offer expertise in facility design, diagnostics and data collection/analysis.  More information: Production Animal Consultation

Upcoming Seminar Dates:

TBA as scheduled

Past Dates:

March 14th    SD Central Cattlemen’s Annual Meeting, Huron, SD

January 20th    Rancher’s Workshop    Wessington Springs, SD

January 26th    Town & Country Coop. Customer Mtg,    Norwalk, OH

November 27th   Platte Bull Expo    Platte, SD

September 2nd & 3rd    SD State Fair     Huron, SD

“I thought you did a very professional job of presenting the material.   The way we handled cattle in the past seemed to make more work of a relatively simple task.  After employing some of the techniques and practices you showed in your talk, the cattle respond much better and less labor is required to do the task.”

-Comment from Ranchers Workshop at Wessington Springs

Melissa Arhart

Arhart Feedlot Technologies

Arhart Farms Inc.

Alpena, SD